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Map Screenshots

Screenshots of all the different types of maps that can currently go on the PN-xx (shown in alphabetical order). Please keep in mind that not all imagery has been created equal.

  • It has always been good practice to 'cut' a small map with the zoom levels set to the Max/Min of the area that you want to see prior to 'cutting' larger maps from. Doing it this way will allow you to see how the map will look on your PN-40 and let you decide at which zoom levels you are going to 'cut' your map at.
  • The higher the zoom level you 'cut' a map package, the larger the file will be.


3DTQ Slider.gif

3DTQ (3D Topo Quad - USGS 7.5-Minute Quadrangles). These maps are available either through Netlink or an available DVD (state sets) from DeLorme. The screenshots below were 'cut' with a zoom level from 10-15.

3DTQ 10.gif 3DTQ 11.gif3DTQ 12.gif 3DTQ 13.gif 3DTQ 14.gif3DTQ 15.gif


CDOQQ Slider.gif

Color Digital Ortho Quarter Quads are available from DeLorme's Netlink via Topo USA. This data was 'cut' using Zoom Levels 11-16.

Tucson 11.gif Tucson 12.gif Tucson 13.gif

Tucson 14.gif Tucson 15.gif Tucson 16.gif

Custom Rasters

Custom Raster Slider.gif

These screenshots were 'cut' using XMap and .sid/.tif files found freely throughout the web. This imagery happens to be a .sid file. The shots below are from Zoom Levels 10-16.

Zoom10 16 aerial.jpg


DOQQ Slider.gif

Digital Ortho Quarter Quads (black & white) are available from DeLorme's Netlink via Topo USA. This shot was 'cut' with a Zoom Level of 10-17.

DOQQ 10 17.JPG

Hi-Res 133

Hi resolution Imagery downloaded from Netlink. The default 'cut' level was zoom levels 13-17. The area is near Harrisburg, PA.



This screenshot is a PDF of snowmobile maps. The process was done using the ImageReg in XMap. The map was 'cut' with a zoom level from 11-14 to exchange to the PN-40.

Snowmobile 11.gif Snowmobile 12.gif Snowmobile 13.gif Snowmobile 14.gif


NOAA Slider.gif

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Nautical Charts. The shots below are Harbor Charts.

NOAA11 14.jpg


SAT10 Slider.gif

SAT 10 is 10-meter resolution natural color satellite imagery. This Map Package was 'cut' using Zoom Levels 6-12.

SAT10 9 12.JPG

Topo USA Data

TopoUSA Slider.png

Topo USA Data is provided to with your PN-xx (this is the CD in the jewel case and it contains the Topo USA Program and mapping data). The PN-xx comes with a World Base Map that is visible from Zoom Levels 1-12 (500mi - 0.25mi). The screenshots below represent the entire Zoom Range. This particular map was 'cut' from Topo USA using Zoom Levels 10-17 and used High Contour Values (set up using the Options Tab in Topo USA).

Zoom1.gif Zoom2.gif Zoom3.gif Zoom4.gif Zoom5.gif Zoom6.gif Zoom7.gif Zoom8.gif Zoom9.gif Zoom10.gif Zoom11.gif Zoom12.gif Zoom13.gif Zoom14.gif Zoom15.gif Zoom16.gif Zoom17.gif