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Welcome to

GPS-Wiki is a place to accumulate reference material about GPS's. Anyone can view the contents of this wiki. To contribute, you must register and then request editing rights by contacting me. Also be sure to read Getting Started.

Why do I need editing rights?

While the intent of a wiki is to allow anyone to contribute content, or at least once they have registered as a user, I've had to place further restrictions on this wiki due to vandalism. Every page of the wiki was changed by a registered user and then a link was provided that I'm assuming re-directed you to their website (I never did click on the link). To prevent this type of vandalism, I've limited editing rights to those that not only register, but then ask to contribute. While I know this can't guarantee it will never happen again, hopefully it will greatly reduce the chances.

Links to Inividual WIki's

We want this to be an accurate reference site which is useful to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Please be sure that anything you contribute is accurate. And please don't take offense if someone with more or better information makes corrections later.  Feel free to use the discussion tab to discuss changes with other interested members. Edits can be easily undone. However, deleting a page is permanent and cannot be undone. If you believe a page needs to be deleted, please contact one of the organizers. 

This wiki has no official connection with any Manufacturer.   DeLorme, Earthmate, Delorme Topo North America, Topo USA, Delorme Topo USA, Street Altas USA, Cache Register, and XMap are registered trademarks of DeLorme Publishing, Inc.