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Getting Started

Now that you have registered, what should/can you do. There are a few things you can do. First, check-out the command bar in the upper-right of the page:


From the command bar, you can access your User Page, Talk Page, Preferences, Watchlist, and display of your Contributions.


Also, be sure to check-out the commands available through the "toolbox" located on the left beneath the navigation box. The options within the toolbox will change depending on what page you're on and what you're doing. Options available include:

  • Uploading of Files (i.e., images)
  • Ability to e-mail another user.
  • List of pages that link to current page.
  • Create a Printable version of current page.
  • Display list of Special Pages.
  • Display of Log files.
  • Display of User Contributions to current page.
  • List of Related Changes.
  • Ability to create an RSS or Atom feed.

Discussion Tab

There is a Discussion tab for each content page. The Discussion tab is located at the top of the page. This page can be used as a place to discuss changes with other interested users.

User Page

On the command bar, click on your username (first item on the left). This wil will take you to your User Page. If this is the first time, it will not exist and will need to be created. This is a place to enter information about yourself, basically your profile. The following link is to my User Page.

Talk Page

On the command bar, it's the "my talk" link. If this is the first time, it will not exist and will need to be created. This is the place other user's can leave you messages. When another user as changed your Talk Page, you will see the following message:


Click on the "new messages" or "last change" link to see your "my talk" page.


This is done by clicking on the "my preferences" link in the command bar. From this page, numerous settings can be changed.


Following is a brief list:

  • User Profile - From this tab, you can change your Real name, e-mail address, password, Signature, gender, and e-mail options.
  • Files - Limit image and thumbnail sizes.
  • Date and time - Change Date format and Time zone.
  • Editing - Various editing options can be changed from this tab.
  • Recent changes - Various settings when displaying recent changes pages.
  • Watchlist - Various settings that effect what is displayed in your "my watchlist".
  • Search - Various settings that effect what is displayed when you perform a search.
  • Misc - Other Misc Settings.


By clicking on "my watchlist" from the command bar, you can check on the status of the items you have selected for watching.  For more information on watch lists, see


By clicking on "my Contributions" from the command bar, you can get a list of pages you have made contributions too.

Creating New Pages

When creating a new page, prefix the page name with the name of the wiki.

  • pn20 for PN-20 wiki
  • pn40 for PN-30/40 wiki
  • pn60 for PN-60 wiki
  • tp8 for TOPO USA 8 wiki
  • tpna9 for TOPO NA 9
  • xp7pro for XMap Pro 7

Examples: pn40:Compass Page, pn60:Satellite Page, tpna9:Netlink Page

No Cross-Linking

Also, don't cross-link pages by making reference (i.e., a link) to a PN-40 page on a PN-60 page. Make a copy of the original PN-40 page, rename with pn60 prefix, then reference the new page.

While this creates a second copy of the page, it also keeps the wiki's separated. Example: If a PN-60 page makes reference to a PN-40 page, then the PN-40 page is changed in a way that makes the information incomparable with the PN-60, the link would now be pointing to information not completely valid for the PN-60.

Section Links

While Mediawiki can create a TOC (Table Of Content) automatically, I really don't like the way it does it. First, the TOC is placed at the top of the page, and it uses the title from all Headers.

My solution is to create a floating TOC, call "Selection Links", that is displayed on the right side of the page, and only the links you want are displayed with a name you select. But, this must all be done manually.

To create the Section links, the page must have the following code:

<div style="width: 15%; position: fixed; top: 35px; right: 0px;"><center>'''Section Links'''</center> 

*[[#link1|link1 text]] 
*[[#link2|link2 text]] 
*[[#link3|link3 text]] 
*[[#link4|link4 text]] 
*[[#link5|link5 text]] 
</div> <div style="width: 83%; top: 0px; left: 0px;">

Place page content here


For an example, look at the wikitext for this page.

NOTE: I'm looking into creating a template to make this process easier, but haven't gotten that far yet.

General Overall Look

  • First line of page should be a page title using Header1 (i.e., "= Page Title=").
  • Indent all Images with "::" (i.e., "::File:Filename.jpg"
  • When using screenshots from PN series GPS's, convert bmp files into jpg before uploading to site.
  • Provide an extra blank line between end of one section and beginning of next. A section is from one Header to the next.
  • Provide an extra blank line after all images.